Knowing your audience and discovering new prospects for your business have never been easier. Take a look at our products.


INTEGR8 is a digital transformation framework that enables marketers, advertisers and publishers to optimize their marketing efforts and maximize online reach, ad revenue and sales. With INTEGR8, you have complete control of the data you gather and of the entire process of data gathering and analysis.

Provides you with unmatched online insights into your audience via our cutting-edge digital polling technology. Use this tool to ask your audience anything you want to know about them – the only limits here are your creativity and your curiosity.

Is an online survey tool that helps you profiling the online population to identify the preferences and behavioral patterns of your audience. It comes with its own Quiz Library to standardize the collection of data. Use this tool to understand patterns (even hidden ones).

Is a platform that helps you improve and effectively manage your advertising revenue. INTEGR8 Ads is a customizable, ad serving platform that provides effective and efficient inventory and advertising management solutions for publishers and advertisers.

Offers you predefined data analytics, business analytics and content analytics. It is a Big Data tool, able to gather vast amounts of data, and it allows you to segment your audience in any way you see fit for specific targeting.