INTEGR8 help you optimize marketing efforts and maximize online reach.

Is a unique platform offering, in the digital advertising market, specially designed to help you go beyond the simple metrics and traditional advertising when it comes to your customers.

What we really offer you

is an ecosystem of tools, that taken together, expand your knowledge about your customers at a whole new level.

INTEGR8 Analytics

INTEGR8 Survey


Integr8 DMP

It is precisely this power of a network of tools, integrated to complete each other, that will allow you to get a wide and constant flux of data on your customers, getting to know them better and deeper than ever before.

Because a network of products, an integrated suite, always generates something wider, bigger and deeper than the simple sum of its parts.


With Integr8 you have complete control of the data you gather and of the entire process of data gathering & analysis.

And, even more importantly, you won’t get a predetermined set of data: you have the freedom to create your own queries and to ask all the questions relevant to you when it comes to your audience.

So, if you are a publisher, sell advertising or run a digital campaign INTEGR8 is what you really need!