User Terms of Service

These User Terms of Service (the “User Terms”) govern your access and use of our online workplace productivity tools and platform (the “Services”). Please read them carefully. Even though you are signing into an existing organization, these User Terms apply to you as a user of the Services.


You are an authorized User in an Organization controlled by a Customer


An organization or other third party that we refer to in these User Terms as “Customer” has invited you to an organization (i.e., a unique domain where a group of users may access the Services). If you are joining one of your employer’s organization, for example, Customer is your employer. If you are joining an organization created by your friend using her personal email address to work on her new startup idea, she is our Customer and she is authorizing you to join her organization.

What this means for User and for Integr8Studio


Customer has separately agreed to our Terms of Service or entered into a written agreement with us (in either case, the “Contract”) that permitted Customer to create and configure an organization so that you and others could join (each invitee granted access to the Services, including you, is an “Authorized User”). The Contract contains our commitment to deliver the Services to Customer, who may then invite Authorized Users to join its organization(s). When an Authorized User (including, you) submits content or information to the Services, such as messages or files (“Customer Data”), you acknowledge and agree that the Customer Data is owned by Customer and the Contract provides Customer with many choices and control over that Customer Data. For example, Customer may provision or deprovision access to the Services, enable or disable third party integrations, manage permissions, invite people to organization and more, and these choices and instructions may result in the access, use, disclosure, modification or deletion of certain or all Customer Data.

You must be over the legal age


To the extent prohibited by applicable law, the Services are not intended for and should not be used by anyone under the age of eighteen. You represent that you are over the legal age and are the intended recipient of Customer’s invitation to the Services. You may not access or use the Services for any purpose if either of the representations in the preceding sentence is not true. Without limiting the foregoing, you must be of legal working age.

While you are here, you must follow the rules


To help ensure a safe and productive work environment, all Authorized Users must comply with our use policy and remain vigilant in reporting inappropriate behavior or content to Customer and us.

You are here at the pleasure of Customer


These User Terms remain effective until Customer’s subscription for you expires or terminates, or your access to the Services has been terminated by Customer or us. Please contact Customer if you at any time or for any reason wish to terminate your account, including due to a disagreement with any updates to these User Terms or the use policy.

Limitation of liability


If we believe that there is a violation of the Contract, User Terms, the Acceptable Use Policy, or any of our other policies that can simply be remedied by Customer’s removal of certain Customer Data or taking other action, we will, in most cases, ask Customer to take action rather than intervene. We may directly step in and take what we determine to be appropriate action (including disabling your account) if Customer does not take appropriate action or we believe there is a credible risk of harm to us, the Services, Authorized Users, or any third parties.

Emails and INTEGR8 messages

Except as otherwise set forth herein, all notices under the Contract will be by email, although we may instead choose to provide notice to Customer through the Services (e.g., integrated messaging feature). Notices to INTEGR8 will be sent to contact[at] . Notices will be deemed to have been duly given (a) the day after it is sent, in the case of notices through email; and (b) the same day, in the case of notices through the Services.

Privacy Policy

Please review our Privacy Policy for more information on how we collect and use data relating to the use and performance of our websites and products.

Contacting INTEGR8

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about INTEGR8’s User Terms of Service. You may contact us at contact[at]

Last update: 01.10.2021.